Academic licence paid by an individual


Prices inclusive of VAT:

monthly GBP 5.20
3-monthly GBP 14.60
yearly GBP 52.00

2015 (preliminary)

Due to the changes in EU VAT regulation that take in force by January 1, 2015, from this date the VAT rate is set according to the consumer country. Therefore the prices below are exclusive of the consumer VAT. Please refer here to find your EU VAT rate (note: non-EU citizens are free of VAT). Because the VAT is being always paid in euro, the new prices for individual users are given in EUR, not in GBP anymore:

monthlyEUR 5.99 + your domestic VAT (applicable for EU citizens only)
3-monthlyEUR 15.99
yearlyEUR 57.99

All other prices below are in GBP, per year, exclusive of UK VAT 20 %.

Academic licences paid by an institution and commercial licences

Single user5 users10 users20 users50 users100 users200 users
Academic 52 208 364 624 1,040 1,404 1,664
Freelance translator 78
Commercial – low intensity 130 520 910 1,560 2,600 3,562 4,160
Commercial – mid intensity 312 1,248 2,184 3,744 6,240 8,736 9,984
Commercial – high intensity/lexicography 832 3,328 5,824 9,984 16,640 22,464 26,624

Different classes of user, in terms of visits per year:

An academic is, for Sketch Engine purposes, an individual or university, using the accounts for teaching and research but not for lexicography for dictionaries to be published.

Quotas on the size of user created corpora

First million words for each user default, no fee
Additional words from 1 million to 10 million £10 per million words per year
Additional words from 10 million to 30 million £5 per million words per year
Additional words from 30 million to 100 million £2 per million words per year
Additional words above 100 million £1 per million words per year

University-wide licences

These licences give access to all students and staff at a University. Prices depend on size of University. Two pricing models are possible relating to the authentication type used:

Non-UK universities

Number of students Small <5,000 Medium <20,000 Large <50,000
Read-only access (number of full accounts) 780 (3) 1,092 (5) 1,508 (7)
Full access 1,170 1,638 2,262

UK universities, classified by JISC Banding

1 2 3 4 5 6 7-10
Read-only access 1,450 1,250 1,050 900 750 650 550
Full access 2,175 1,875 1,5751,3501,125 975 825

JISC Banding prices valid from November 2013 to October 2014.

Teacher and student licences

Where a teacher wants to provide licences for a group of at least five students, provided the teacher has a regular licence, a batch of six-month student licences may be bought for £10 per person. Please contact

Additional services

Lexical Computing Ltd also offers services including preparing, installing and hosting customer's corpora on its servers. For arrangements not covered here, also including

please contact

Taiwan and China


Our agent for Taiwan and China is BK Norton Ltd. Taiwan price for an individual academic licence: 2500 Taiwan dollars. If you are in Taiwan or China please apply to

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