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Sketch Engine is for anyone wanting to research how words behave. It is a corpus software interface which works online and offers many corpora in many languages. You can see a concordance for any word, phrase or grammatical construction. Also, you can create corpora. Many features allow you specific search with complex parameters. One of them is word sketches (automatic one-page corpus-derived summaries of a word’s grammatical and collocational behaviour). Finally, check your thinking about words in million sentences of natural language by a few clicks.

In the interface, you find more than 200 corpora in 82 languages. The largest corpora (TenTen corpora family) of main languages contain from 2 to 15 billion words. Similarly, you can create such corpus including automatic disambiguation with tool corpus architect. Thanks to various functions, e.g. term extraction, thesaurus, word list and others, you have new possibilities of studying languages. Our services are used by well-known world dictionaries and companies: Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Dictionnaires Le Robert, Shogakukan, and others. Join them.


Sketch Engine is used to write dictionaries by

Cambridge University PressK DictionariesCollins DictionariesShogakukanOxford University PressCornelsenDictionary.comMacmillan DictionaryTrojina, Institute for Applied Slovene Studies:Dictionnaires Le Robert