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New multilingual resource in 24 languages is available

A new multilingual resource in the 24 official languages of the European Union is available in Sketch Engine. This is a great resource to look up translations or to compare languages. Billions of words to explore at lightning speed with Sketch Engine. http://ow.ly/hwv5303o4e1 Free to download for research purposes.

Discovering English with Sketch Engine, 2nd edition

The 2nd edition of Discovering English with Sketch Engine (DESKE) by James Thomas is out. This time accompanied by a workbook and glossary. Highly recommended! It is the most comprehensive guidebook to Sketch Engine.

Update of Service Level Agreement

This is just to let you know that we updated our Service Level Agreement (see the 12th item). The number of requests per minute / hour / day is now limited. It won’t affect your regular work, but it should prevent some users from overloading our hardware. A similar policy is implemented also by Google and other large online service […]

Lexicom workshops in 2016: USA and Europe

Do you want to become a professional lexicographer or to learn about new trends in lexicography or meet other enthusiastic lexicographers from all over the world or all of these?   Then join us in our masterclass workshop Lexicom, this year both in USA (June) and Europe (July).   Register now at www.lexmasterclass.com!

PhD studentship at the University of Brighton

Fully funded 3 year PhD studentship at the University of Brighton, applying techniques from computational lexicography (e.g. www.sketchengine.co.uk) to the biodiversity/evolutionary biology literature. For further information see: https://t.co/gqJfrVoiSD – official studentship announcement https://t.co/99lY7Fd8VH – additional information Deadline: 9 March 2016 Contacts: Admin – Sarah Longstaff (S.Longstaff@brighton.ac.uk, 01273 641105) Academic – Roger Evans (R.P.Evans@brighton.ac.uk, @rogerevansbton) University of […]

Sketch Engine for terminologists

A few tips for terminologists Sketch Engine for terminologists

French localization

Sketch Engine interface is now available also in French, thanks to Zuzana Gábiková. Your feedback is most welcome!

Webinar “Sketch Engine for translation and terminology”

Check out our webinar prepared for TermNet “Sketch Engine for translation and terminology”. The speaker is rather soporific but the presentation features some development news :) You can follow bookmarks in the video description.

Sketch Engine in videos

Explore Sketch Engine in videos with James Thomas.

7th Sketch Engine Workshop at LREC2016

7th Sketch Engine Workshop will be at LREC 2016 in Portorož, Slovenia. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

From parallel corpora to bilingual terminology: a hybrid approach

Miloš Jakubíček will give a talk at the conference Translating and the Computer 37 on Thursday 26th November http://bit.ly/1PWBkmd

Lexicom courses in Europe and USA

In the year 2016, two Lexicom courses will be held, one in the USA and one in Europe. The first U.S. course will take place at the University of Colorado Boulder from 6th to 10th June 2016. The second European course will take place at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna from 11th to 15th July […]

Big dictionary publishers use Sketch Engine

The Impact by UK academic Computer Science Research reports that four of the UK’s five biggest dictionary publishers use Sketch Engine. Apart from that, you can find many other dictionary publishers, universities, and language institutes where they use Sketch Engine. See the whole article (p. 8–11)

Spanish interface

Are you Spanish native speaker or only prefer Spanish to English? Sketch Engine interface is now available also in Spanish. Thanks to Michal Cukr. Your feedback is most welcome!

Use Sketch Engine as a terminology tool

Sketch Engine as a terminology tool is a workshop at the 11th International Conference on Terminology and Artificial Intelligence in Granada (Spain). This event will be held on Friday 6th November. For more details see http://bit.ly/1jJYJLF