Entries by Vít Baisa

Sketch Engine workshop, University of Surrey, Guildford, UK

In search of specialized terminology and phraseology with the help of corpora Sketch Engine workshop given by Ana Frankenberg. More information.

Sketch Engine Masterclass, Kazan, Russia

Sketch Engine development team member Vít Baisa will give a one-hour Sketch Engine workshop at TurkLang 2015, in Kazan, Russia this week. It will take place on Friday, September 18th, at 12:00 local time at Kazan Federal University. For more information see TurkLang website.

Future directions and research agenda of Sketch Engine, LDA’15

We would like to invite you to attend Sketch Engine presentation at LDA’15 Language Data Analytics Workshop, held in EC Stoner Building 8.60, University of Leeds, on Wednesday 16 September, 10:00–14:00. Miloš Jakubíček will talk at 12:00. More information.

API examples in Java, Python, R and Bash

API examples in Java, python, R or just wget. See documentation.

A few photos from SkEW and eLex2015

Check out a few (unofficial) photos from Sketch Engine Workshop and eLex conference.

User data statistics

We were interested in what languages our users work with when building their own corpora in Sketch Engine. For the results, see user data overview.

Photos from Lexicom trip

A few photos from Lexicom trip to Znojmo and surroundings (10th June 2015).  

Sketch Engine in Arabic

Sketch Engine interface is now available in Arabic. Thanks to Maha Al-Harthi and Ahmad Abbadi.

Discovering English with Sketch Engine

Discovering English with Sketch Engine, a new book by James Thomas for English teachers and learners, available at LULU