On the homepage, there is a preview of corpora according to your choice:

  • Recent – the eight most recently opened corpora
  • My own – your own corpora
  • Shared with me – all corpora that anyone shares with you
  • Featured – featured corpora
  • Parallel – parallel corpora
  • All – all corpora including your own corpora

In the Parallel and All corpora, you can search by typing name of a corpus (on the left) or filter corpora by language (on the right). If you click on the words in the header of table Language/Name/Word, you line up a table of corpora according to that.

The last column contains two icons. First icon (information) redirects you to corpus info page or shows you short information about the corpus. Second icon (magnifier) redirects you to Concordance Query form of the corpus.


For documentation on building or uploading your own corpora, please see Creating a Corpus from the Interface.