A description of creating a query via JSON API that you want to work with. A Sketch Engine query is a URL of the following structure:

<base_url>/<method>?<attributes_and_values> where
  • <base_url> is the path to the main CGI script, "run.cgi", e.g. https://api.sketchengine.co.uk/bonito/run.cgi.
  • <method> is the particular method name, e.g. "wsketch" for word sketches.
  • <attributes_and_values> is the list of attributes and values in the CGI notation, that isattribute_1=value_1&attribute_2=value_2& ... &attribute_n=value_n .
See the complete list of methods and attributes. If the Sketch Engine runs on a local machine (i.e. the 'base_url' starts with 'http://localhost/') the computation should be very fast as the network overhead is reduced. An example of Sketch Engine query can look like this: https://api.sketchengine.co.uk/bonito/run.cgi/wsketch?corpname=preloaded%2Fbnc2&lemma=test&lpos=-n It is a query that returns word sketch HTML page for corpus "preloaded/bnc2", and lemma test as a noun ("lpos=-n").