The Sketch Engine version number can be found at the bottom-right of all Sketch Engine pages.

We have a three-number “A.B.C” code for manatee (the core engine) and the same for bonito (the interface). As at September 2010, the stable version is SkE-2.31.1-1.48.5 which means Manatee 2.31.1 and Bonito 1.48.5. The beta version is SkE-2.31.1-2.57.8 – it uses the same version of the core engine (manatee) but a very different version of the interface.

The “A” number is for very major changes; the “B” number increases when there is a new feature and the “C” number increases every time we do a new installation – e.g. after one or more bugfixes.

For information on specific releases, please see the documentation with Sketch Engine changelogs: Manatee and Bonito.

Release Cycle

For users with local installations, we shall provide a new release quarterly for three of four quarters. This will usually vary only in the ‘C’ part (bugfixes) but may also vary in the ‘B’ part.

For the fourth quarter, we shall provide a new version varying in the ‘A’ and/or ‘B’ parts, introducing the year’s main new features. The cycle for this will be:

  • Oct-Dec: alpha of new functionality
  • Jan-Feb: integrate to give new beta
  • March: demo at SKEW workshop
  • Apr-Oct: test
  • Sept: launch new stable version including making it available for local installations.