off (j;n)
object_of  send :     Then the carnage began Wyles struck first caught behind and first of many send offs .
take :     Shows , movies , bingo , TV show take offs , comedians and musical acts .
infin_comp  use :     I 'm off to use the lift , if it is fixed , I 'll speak to you tomorrow .
modifies  parking :     Externally there are front , side and rear gardens and a garage and drive for off street parking .
license :     Recommended Listings Last Orders - They are an online off license with a fast and most reliable service on the web and the mobile .
road :     Share information and learn about our Deaf culture AMCA Thinking of having a go at off road Motor Cycle Sport ?
topic :     HDTV Query HI this maybe off topic what is this I hear about America broadcasting HDTV .
bike :     A. A Pit Bike is a small but robust off road dirt bike .
hour :     The best way to avoid these temptations to is plan your shopping during off peak hours .
n_modifier  spin :     It was therefore , in my eyes , inevitable that the gaming world would be blessed with spin offs .
drop :     It is a challenging and tough course , with roots , rocks , and some large drop offs .
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