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The corpus was prepared by Adriano Ferraresi. The whole process is described in the paper Introducing and evaluating ukWaC, a very large web-derived corpus of English at LREC 2008.

All material is taken from the .uk domain, therefore it is fair to argue that it is a corpus of mainly British English although other variants are likely to be included as long as they were found on a .uk domain.

It was part-of-speech tagged and lemmatised using TreeTagger, a leading part-of-speech tagger which has been trained for a number of languages. It uses Penn Treebank Tagset.

Grammatical relation definitions, as prepared by David Tugwell for other English corpora, were used.

Sketch Engine also has a version of ukWaC tagged with SuperSenseTagger (sst-light) described in Ciaramita and Altun (2006).

Search the ukWaC corpus

Sketch Engine offers a range of tools to work with the ukWaC corpus.



FERRARESI, Adriano, et al. Introducing and evaluating ukWaC, a very large web-derived corpus of English. In Proceedings of the 4th Web as Corpus Workshop (WAC-4) Can we beat Google. 2008, pp. 47–54.

CIARAMITA, Massimiliano; ALTUN, Yasemin. Broad-coverage sense disambiguation and information extraction with a supersense sequence tagger. In Proceedings of the 2006 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing. Association for Computational Linguistics, 2006, pp. 594–602.

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