webcorpora.org will run on Sketch Engine technology

The Sketch Engine technology has found its way to webcorpora.org where NoSketchEngine, an open source version of Sketch Engine, will replace the currently used Colibri². The webcorpora.org users will now benefit from the additional features NoSketchEngine offers. As Roland Schäfer from the Freie Universität Berlin said: ‘Since there is *nothing* you can do with Colibri² that you cannot do with NoSketch Engine (but a lot which can do with NoSketch Engine that you cannot do with Colibri²), we hope you are as excited as we are about this improvement of COW-related services.’

webcorpora.org will now benefit from the continuous development of Sketch Engine striving to achieve even faster and more efficient data processing.

About NoSketch Engine

NoSketch Engine is an open source version of Sketch Engine with certain limitation in functionality and without support for automated corpus building. Corpora for NoSketch Engine have to be prepared by external tools and adequate technical skill is expected of the user to be able to set the system up and maintain it.

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